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Late Summer & Fall Preparations

This summer, as usual, has been brutal on the turf up to this point with all of the precipitation, humidity, and high temperatures. In preperation of the fall, I will be starting to do our next round of slow release granular fertilizer. The grass is sure ready for it! It has been at least two months since the your lawns have been fertilized, and with all of the rain, the grass will respond great to some food! So just a little heads up that I will be coming around towards the middle of August to the middle of September to get you all taken care of!!

Also, I am adding another service this fall and will be core-aerating throughout the rest of the season. Aeration, in my opinion, is one of the most beneficial treatments you can do for your turf and the root zone. First of all it improves the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide from the soil to the air, it also enhances water & fertilizer uptake, it can help prevent puddling and water runoff, it reduces compaction, creates a better heat and drought stress tolerance, and it can improve turf resiliency and cushioning by eliminated the thatch layer in the lawn.

We are excited to be able to provide this service this fall and we could not have been able to add this service this year if it wasn't for all of you!! Thank you all for all of the support, the compliments, and all of the referrals throughout the season thus far! We look forward to seeing you all very and soon. If you have any questions regarding aeration or anything else please let us know!!! Thank you all and God Bless!!

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