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Hello everyone! Just a quick reminder of the winterizer round coming up in the upcoming weeks and a few tips on properly mowing this fall!

As stated in the previous email, we will be coming around to those customers with cool season lawns, and applying the final round of fertilizer for the season. It is your winterizer application. This application and the one applied prior to this one, are the most important applications of the season! Much of the root mass that was present this past spring is now dead or damaged. So in order for the plants to survive and continue to thrive, they must replace that root mass and fill it with carbohydrates necessary for future growth. That is the reason we aggressively fertilize in the fall, to maximize that root development and food storage. That leads to the mowing portion of this email as well.

The fertilizer that we put down does not magically create new root mass. The grass has to do that through photosynthesis. The leaves of the grass are like the factories that help produce the carbohydrates that develop the roots. So the more leaf tissue there is, the more photosynthesis is possible, creating more carbohydrates to build new root growth (which is why aeration is so important in the early fall as well!). Long story short, DO NOT MOW YOUR COOL SEASON TURF TOO SHORT! Try not to mow it any shorter than 3 inches, and do not take more than 1/3 of the blade at a time. It's not growing as fast as it does in the spring, therefore, the more you mow off, the longer it will take for the plant to reproduce new leaf tissue, losing valuable carbohydrate production. Also, the more frequently you mow the grass, the more dense and uniform it will become. Cool season grass produce not only new root growth, but also new tillers during the Autumn months. The new tillers are what thickens the turf. The healthier the roots, the more tillers are produced.

I know, I know, it's just grass. Just remember I'm a grass nerd and truly do want whats best for your lawn. Loving your lawn like myLawn! Remember lol. Thank you everyone and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! God Bless

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