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Spring Mowing Tips

Hello everyone! We hope you all had a great weekend! Hard to believe that March is nearly over and it looks like there is a great chance of some much needed precipitation this coming week! The grass is off to a pretty slow start due to the lack of rain, but we wanted to go ahead and give you a few tips for mowing your cool season lawns for the upcoming weeks!

1. Sharpen your mower blades - Sharp mowing blades benefit the color and health of your turf. Dull blades are more likely to rip your grass, rather than cutting it clean! The cleaner the cut, the quicker it heals. The quicker it heals, the more the energy pushed through the plant can benefit the plant.

2. Mowing height - After your initial clean-up, you want to start mowing your cool season turf at 3-3.5 inches. You may not cut a whole lot off at first, but we promise it will benefit the lawn. It will be darker green and it will help build a thicker stand and a deeper root system thus helping to prevent weeds from entering the lawn as well.

3. Mowing pattern - Be careful not to mow the same direction every week. Repetitive patterns on your turf can cause compaction and unnecessary wear on your turf. If you notice thin areas or ruts in your lawn, it is likely caused by this. Change directions every week if possible. If it's not possible, move your pattern over 6-12 inches to prevent rutting and compaction issues.

4. Mulching - If you have the ability to mulch your lawn, we highly recommend it. You save time, money and energy, and most importantly, you benefit the health of your soil! When you properly mulch your lawn, you push valuable nutrients right back into the soil, providing up to 25-30% of your nitrogen needs for the lawn!

Again, it's been a relatively slow start to the mowing season this year, but the growing season is definitely coming! If you have any questions regarding your lawns, please feel free to give us a shout, we would love to help you out!! Thank you all again for all of the support, we will see you all soon! That you and God Bless!

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