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What to Expect this Fall

Overall, this season has been great for the lawns, not so much for the trees with the multiple hail storms, but the turf has actually held up great compared to years past. During this summer, we have noticed a higher than normal amount of weed pressure, but that’s to be expected with the amount of precipitation we have received. With that being said, the fall is right around the corner and we will be making our way around, taking care of any weeds you may have had pop up in the lawn throughout the summer. Also, the fall is the best time of year for growth in your cool season lawns. So, we will be applying a mixture of organic based fertilizers in the upcoming months to promote the best possible results for your turf! Listed below are some additional services that can benefit your lawn as well!

AERATION - An important fall service that we are offering for our cool season lawns, is aeration. Aeration is extremely beneficial to the overall health and vigor of your cool season turf. It helps reduce compaction, thatch, promotes good root growth and ensures that the nutrients applied to your turf are more readily available to the roots by providing better gas/air exchange in the plant.

OVER SEEDING - We are almost filled up on our over-seed list for the fall, but feel free to contact us for availability. We generally don’t want to do much seeding after the middle of October so your newly established lawn has the opportunity to develop a healthy root system prior to the cold, winter months.

TREE TRIMMING & SHRUB PRUNING – If you are concerned about any limbs that may be needing attention prior to the winter, or if your trees are simply in need of some regular maintenance, we will be taking on orders for the fall and winter as well. We provide free estimates and would be happy to make any suggestions if you aren't quite sure what you should do! Also, we are still taking on any landscape pruning as well for those of you in need.

SOIL SAMPLES – In order to truly get you the best results for your lawn, we suggest soil testing to determine what your lawn actually needs. The test will indicate levels of the soils pH, macro and micro-nutrients, your soil type as well as the amount of organic matter in your soil. This will help us, help you!

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