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MULCH - It's not just pretty, IT IS LIFE!

One of the most beneficial services that we can offer for your trees, young and mature, is removing the turf from around the base of the tree and properly mulching them. It's such a simple task but produces significant results! Many of the problems we see with our trees can be significantly reduced by properly mulching them. Here are 8 benefits of PROPERLY mulching your trees!!

1 - Removing grass and applying an 8 foot mulch ring can QUADRUPLE fine root density in young trees, and can increase root density up to 15X on mature trees! The more dense the root system is, the more roots there are for moisture and nutrient absorption. The picture shows the dramatic difference that can occur when we apply mulch and remove turf-grass underneath our trees and shrubs.

2 - Properly mulching, usually 2-3 inches, significantly reduces the amount of moisture lost through evaporation. Moist soil equals happy roots! Happy roots equals happy leaves! Happy leaves equal happy trees!

3 - A good mulch layer will assist in moderating soil temperatures. Keeping the soil temperatures as consistent as possible is very important for good root health. It acts as an insulation and prevents drastic air temperatures from effecting the soil temperatures.

4 - Mulch keeps mechanical damage from occurring at the base of the tree. A simple wound can introduce decay into the trunk of the tree causing long lasting, sometimes fatal results.

5 - A good layer of mulch also reduces soil compaction in the critical root zone of the tree. The less mowing and maintenance we do under a tree, the more porous the soil will be, which leads to a much healthier root zone!

6 - As the mulch begins to break down, the mulch introduces organic matter into the soil and increases mycorrhizae development in the root zone. Mycorrhizae is EXTREMELY important for moisture and nutrient absorption.

7 - Mulch rings can reduce reflection and re-radiation of heat, making it a healthier microenvironment more conducive to tree health. The cooler the under canopy is, the healthier it will be, especially during the summer!

8- Mulch is also aesthetically appealing. It provides a crisp edge to your landscape and a is great way to prevent weed infestations in your landscape. It will need replenished every 2 years or so, but the benefits of properly mulching are obvious!

If you have any questions at all, or you'd like us to introduce or replenish your mulch in your landscape and under your trees, we are happy to help! We are ISA Certified, super passionate about tree and plant health, and it would be our absolute pleasure to assist you in creating a healthier environment for you and your landscape! If you are doing it yourself....please be sure to mulch your trees properly and avoid the "mulch volcanoes" we are accustomed to seeing in many landscapes! While mulching can be the most beneficial service we provide for our trees, it can also be the most detrimental!


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