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Your Tree May Be In Better Shape Than You Think!

After a storm, like the one endured in Great Bend, KS on 7/16/23, trees can be left looking as though there is no hope. There could be significant canopy loss, major limbs that are broken, leaves have been stripped, etc etc. But, don't give up on your tree just yet! They are much more resilient than one may think. Often times, with the proper care, the tree can recover and have a very productive life. Of course, the top priority is to BE SAFE when looking at your tree, but without an expert opinion, it can be difficult to ensure that the tree is safe to remain in your landscape.

If you are planning on trying to keep your tree, reaching out to a certified arborist is a great idea to perform evaluations or work that you may be uncertain of. Here is a list of recommendations and considerations to make when assessing your tree after a significant wind or ice event to help you decide if it needs to be removed or if it can be salvaged while waiting to hear back from a certified arborist.

  1. How healthy was your tree prior to the storm damage?

  2. Is there a high likelihood of continued limb failures?

  3. How old is the tree?

  4. Have you lost other major limbs prior to this storm?

  5. Did you lose several major limbs on the tree or just minor limbs?

  6. Are the main leaders of the tree still in tact?

  7. Is there more than 40% of the canopy remaining?

  8. Can the remaining branches create a new canopy?

  9. Was this a desirable tree for this location prior to the storm?

These are very important questions to consider prior to assuming your tree is a "goner" so to speak. Trees are obviously extremely valuable and while they can be dangerous, there are so many benefits to trying to nurse your tree back to health and exploring your options prior to just removing the tree. It is highly recommended to have a certified arborist take a look at your tree to assess what the mitigation plan should be or if a removal is indeed the best decision for you and your tree.

There are many mitigation options to reduce tree risk while improving the likelihood of recovery for you tree. Often times, improving your trees overall health and the sites growing conditions can help to significantly reduce the likelihood of a future failure. While acts of nature can not be

prevented, proper tree care, tree health and tree risk assessments can help give your tree, your property, and most importantly, the safety of your family, the best possible outcome in those significant weather events that we see here in Central Kansas.

For more information, or if you would like to be placed on a list to have a tree risk assessment performed, please reach out to us at or contact us at 620-282-2076. We are extremely passionate about tree preservation, tree health, and educating our clients on what the best possible mitigation plan should be for their unique situation. Additionally, below, you will also find a link to assist you find a certified arborist that may be able to assist you and your in your area as well!


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