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All fertilizer is not created equally!


Very seldom do we take the time to think about what we are putting on our lawns. Most of the time, what we apply is simply a reaction to a problem that we see in our turf. If it looks unhealthy, we apply fertilizer. If it is weedy, we spray the lawn. What we don’t realize however, is many of the products that we apply to our lawns can have a negative effect on our soil. We fail to understand that the relationship between our turf & trees and the soil in which they are established is the key to our landscapes success.

Healthy soil can often be detected by the color of the soil.

Many of the problems that we have in our turf & trees are a result of unhealthy soil. Though there are many factors regarding the problems that we see in our soil, one of the biggest compounding problems with what we see in our soil, is improper fertilizer applications with improper products. We have learned to trust that all fertilizers available to us are good for our lawns, when in fact, they really are not.

Just like our body, we must be careful what we put into our soil if we expect optimum performance. Many of the fertilizers available to the average consumer, are called synthetic fertilizers. These fertilizers, over time, can cause serious issues in the health of our soil, destroying microbial activity and often increasing soil pH. It’s a double whammy! Not only does it affect the health of our soil and our turf, but it is affecting the health of our trees as well by reducing nutrient uptake through our root zone!

With years in the turf & tree industry, it is extremely important to us that we not only provide high quality fertilizers, but also to educate those who are out there doing it themselves! That is why we are now offering products that are more beneficial for your property, but also the knowledge needed to apply these products at the proper rate to finally start turning your soils health around.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information!

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